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Arthritis is very prevalent, but the exact mechanism of this disease is not very clear. Generally, people denote this disease by referring to joint pain or any problem related to the joint.

Arthritis accounts for half of all the chronic medical conditions seen in persons and is the 4th leading cause of disability worldwide. In the Indian context, the prevalence of this disease is 1 in every 6 persons. Arthritis is emerging as the second commonest disease and putting a considerable socio-economic burden on the resources of the country.

The disease starts very early in the ‘40s or ‘50s of the person and gets full-blown by the time the person reaches the age of 60. There are 100s of types of arthritis, but osteoarthritis of the knees is the most common amongst them. It has been seen that in India, this disease is generally ignored until it reaches a severe stage when alternatives cease to be available which can treat this condition and finally leads to surgical intervention. Also, due to financial constraints, many people do not undergo surgical intervention, leaving the condition as it is.

These people lead a debilitating life with persistent pain and inability to perform the activities of daily living, making them leave their jobs, furthering the financial constraints, and become a burden for the families.

We came to the consensus that these people could have been saved from this disease's debilitating condition if an early intervention would have been done and secondly, there is a lack of awareness regarding the disease, its signs and symptoms, and treatments available for them.
Treatment of arthritis needs a holistic approach and a platform which can bring all the three (Orthopedic surgeon, Orthobiologist, and Physiotherapist) together and enable patients to communicate for their specific need; based on the disease state. There is certainly a need for a dedicated platform that covers every aspect of Joints Pain and empowers people to choose what is right for them. This very thought led to the genesis of the ‘Arthritis Community……’

We, created an 'Arthritis Community', which is focused to create awareness; to empower the community and its people by giving them access to the Right Opinion, Right Information at the Right Time because we believe in their Right to Right.

This platform offers complete management of Joints Pain due to osteoarthritis and is dedicated to the people of India who are suffering from this disease and need help. Patients can explore the unique advantages of this platform which offers every element of care and the support needed in their quest to deal with Joints Pain.

By connecting with this platform, you will be connected with the specialists in the field of management of osteoarthritis. You can connect with the orthopedic surgeon, orthobiologist, and physiotherapist for their opinions, second opinion, or expert advice to manage the knee pain.

We hope to bring new hope for the people suffering from osteoarthritis by guiding them in the right direction.

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